The “Mission” in Mission Point Planning an­­­d Retirement

Often times, financial plans never survive beyond the rosy assumptions that they are based on. Think about this, we are conditioned to think the “Retirement Planning” is all about finding your Magic number…the mystical amount of money you need to have saved by the time you retire.

So how do you come up with that magic number?

Well, you put together a few assumptions…”I’m going to earn “XYX%” on my money, I’m going to work until I’m 60…I make 90K right now and I should get 4% raises and inflation will stay at 3% and my expenses “should” remain the same.”

Sound familiar? Sound likes a house of cards to us. Remove or change a variable and your plan moves from successful to failure.

Remember Apollo 13…”Houston, we have a problem.”

Mission Point Planning and Retirement planning strategies are inspired by a “Mission Control” philosophy from NASA. Simply put, when Mission Control develops a flight strategy, they never assumes ideal  scenarios…they develop plans to accomplish their mission while simultaneously making contingency plans for things that could go and do go wrong.

We act as a Retirement CFO for our clients, being a calm steward and providing objective, and unbiased advice on all financial matters pertaining to Retirement Planning and Wealth Protection.

Our true value comes from knowing what really matters to our clients, what really concerns them and we are deeply involved in that. We go beyond the numbers to custom create and implement strategies so our clients can retire confidently, assured their and their families are taken care.

Ultimately, we give clients the ability to answer the question… what would you do if you didn’t have to come to work every day?

Experience the Difference with Mission Point Planning

Our clients come to Mission Point because they are concerned about the following:

1. Jumping off into the deep-end of the retirement pool without knowing when they can’t see the bottom

2. Be able to enjoy their life savings and work, without worrying about running out…

3. Having a guide can anticipate the problems that will come inevitably come along the way and ensure that these are speed bumps—not traffic jams

Why aren’t financial plans created the same way? We think they should be.

Want to find out if “your plan” can survive our MissionPoint Stress Test?

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