Dear friends,

The last three weeks have brought about significant change in our daily lives–VERY quickly. I wanted to provide you with an update on what Mission Point Planning has recently experienced.  Starting last week, our team began working from home while assessing our situation on a daily basis. At this point, that change is now permanent. We will be continuing our social distancing and doing our part and will remaining at home.

As expected, we have suspended all in person meetings.  Luckily, beginning in early 2020 we had already adopted the online meeting technology through ‘Zoom’ and will be available to conduct any meeting virtually. We are finding that many of our clients actually enjoy this interface.

The new reality doesn’t come without its challenges. For me, my wife Alana and our girls, Ava, Amelia and Ruby are thankfully healthy and happy—but always near the home office ?   Our 4-year old Ava seems to have assumed the new role of investment intern and wants to be included in many of my communications and meetings. (most of the time without warning) So, if you do hear some background noise during our call, please be patient with us.

Additionally, we also made the transition last year from paper files and desktop application to the cloud.  All of our software, databases and portfolio analytics are securely available to myself and my team at home via our portal through Securities America. Because of this access, we will be able to provide the same level of service and advice during this transition.

We are doing our best by turning lemons into lemonade – a choice we can influence.  While the world has come to halt as we know it, we have been focusing on what we can do now to actively prepare for this moment of change and adjustment.

What are we considering as a company now?

  • Writing and educating non-stop on the situation. You may have read our emails and seen one of our webinars. But do you know we are posting relative and meaningful content on our social meeting platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter?  If you already use those platforms, we encourage you to like follow or connect with us. We also have a section on our website devoted to all of the our COVID-19 writings and communications.
  • We have been spending time reviewing portfolios, communicating with clients, and analyzing financial plans. As a team, we are on calls and webinars from some of the leading economists and health experts in the country to better understand both the current reality and the long-term impact this will have on our clients.
  • Internally, we are working on initiatives to improve our operations, systems and client service as situations like this both reveal our strong and weak points.
  • Being there for you. While we may not be physically in the office, we are still in business. Because the systems and technology allow us to do so, we are working even more now than pre-COVID 19. Don’t hesitate to call us on any matter, large or small.

Our new reality — for now

On a personal note, the recent events are a tipping point for significant change and response in the United States. While inconvenient and scary, we each have an opportunity to choose how we respond and react to the certainty and uncertainty occurring in real-time. Fear and anxiety have risen in recent weeks.  This fear and anxiety can include viewing your declining investments, worrying about the health of yourself, your family members, the elderly in your community, and healthcare workers and first responders.  We are also wondering what will happen to all of those who work at restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and venues for sporting events and other large-scale events.

Distractions are tough to come by as our traditional diversions such as sports, play dates with kids and Sunday church are cancelled.  My wife Alana asked me on Saturday if I was truly watching some small golf tournament from 2018. Yes, I was. Truthfully, I wanted to feel normal for a few minutes.  We are all worried.

However, there is an increasing number of coordinated efforts by policymakers on a local, federal and global basis. Resources are being shored up for businesses and people who may be out of work.  Heroes are emerging. I believe these resources likely will grow as the impact of our crisis wears on. We can do our part, too. We are all in this together.

My advice to you is to hang in there! We have a tremendous opportunity to choose to do things supportive of our own well-being and for the well-being of the people around us. I think it’s a good time to reconnect with what and who matters to you. In my house we did our first ‘zoom’ extended family dinner yesterday.  My wife’s grandmother made meatloaf and my in-laws Gary and Deborah drove around to each relative house and delivered the food. At 5:00 we all got online then enjoyed our meal and each other, grateful to connect again.  The meatloaf was delicious as usual.

We can do this. As Brene Brown noted on Instagram recently “spread calm.”

Always at your service,

The Mission Point Team

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